by Pratim Patel






Combining ideas, science, engineering and imagination to develop 4-step solutions
that are novel, innovative and practical.






Market inspired ideas are developed into implementable solutions.







Solutions Available for Commercialization!






Mobile/Internet Solution



SM-50 System

In a highly completive retail environment, store-managers and store-owners all over the world understand the importance of attracting and retaining customers. The challenge is to find an effective, practical & economical way to achieve it. So what's the solution? SM-50 system is a mobile/internet based solution that can significantly improve the bottom-line & customer-satisfaction for retail businesses. 






Wellness Solution


Healthy Snack for Everyone!



Product developed based on 100% naturally grown ingredients.

Contains turmeric which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-amyloid properties

Contains food ingredients that support food digestion and movement






Wind Damage Prevention Solution

A Preventive Idea/Solution for Homes and Buildings




Prevents/limits wind driven damage. Novel wind protection system helps prevent/limit damage from wind driven storms.

4 component system is easy to install, maintain and replace. A blue print is ready for building a prototype.


This technology solution can be of interest to entrepreneurs and engineering companies in the field of

energy, insurance, building materials, disaster emergency management, and construction.






Head-Injury Prevention Solution

A Safety Solution



Innovative idea provides extra protection against the impact of potential head injury to both players and spectators.

A blue print is ready for building a prototype.


This solution can be of interest to sports organizations and sport products manufacturers.






Self-improvement Solutions as Workbooks

Copyrighted workbook solutions can be converted into user-friendly, internet/mobile/cloud based applications! 






Workbook Title: Watch your grades go up and stay up in less than 3 weeks! 


Study-Plan 123 Workbook for Students


Specially developed for Middle and Highschool STUDENTS ....      



(ISBN 9780981461366)

Workbook was published in 2007-2008

Available at CreateSpace.com

(Amazon Company)



A result-based study tool for middle & high school students!

Helps students improve academic performance

Helps appreciate the value of following a disciplined approach to education




Workbook Title: An effective way to make, measure & assess your decisions based on anticipated responses!


PSD-Technique for Decision Makers


Specially developed for working adults all over the world



(ISBN 9780981461304)

Workbook was published in 2008-2009

Available at CreateSpace.com

(Amazon Company)



A result-based decision making tool for everyday life!

Helps improve individual ability to make performance based decisions

TDTechnique can help you make thoughtful decisions every time!


A useful tool for executives, managers, team leaders, policy makers, administrators, planners &  professionals working in private & public sectors anywhere in the world!




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