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Attention Decision Maker:


Welcome to TDTechnique website!  


Do you make decisions that affect your people* inside & outside your organization?

Are you currently using a decision making system that allows you to make people*-sensitive decisions?


What is a people sensitive decision? Over the years, I have observed how decision makers have often regretted making decisions they wish could have been made differently... more thoughtfully... more systematically.  Making a decision that directly or indirectly affect people* when dealing with a problem or a situation or an issue, is always a challenge.  Not all decisions have people* factor associated with them but many do.  The consequences and fallouts from making a response-sensitive decision can not only have a positive or negative impact on company's mission, bottom-line, credibility, image, employee relations, community relations, customers etc. but it can also influence people's* core values like commitment, morale, performance, trust, dedication and loyalty.


What is the solution? What is needed is a system that allows decision makers to consider anticipated responses and reactions prior to making and executing response-sensitive decisions.   For example, knowing how might your customers, colleagues, associates, suppliers, employees, community, competitors, shareholders and others may respond to your decision-analysis, would enable you to execute, modify or delay your decision before any damage is done.


Introducing TDTechnique :  4-Step technique (Fig 1) helps decision makers like yourself, with the process of making, measuring (before & after), assessing, and recording people*-sensitive decisions using a user-friendly workbook (TD-Workbook). A comprehensive, one-on-one training program is available for busy decision makers (TD-Training).


TD-Workbook is a necessary decision making tool for work-life & home-life!


Advantages of 4-Step TDTechnique :

 > It allows you to revisit your past decisions for precedence and guidance

 > It allows you to measure and monitor your self-performance

 > It allows you to manage potential consequences and fallouts before executing a decision

 > It provides a uniform decision making standard/platform throughout your organization


Making decisions is an integral part of our work-life and home-life.  Today, it is common to use a day planner, pda or some other device to manage time and tasks.  Why not use TD-Workbook to manage some or all decisions?



Pratim R. Patel

Chem. Eng., Chemist & Business Professional


* People are your customers, suppliers, colleagues, employees, competitors, supporters, representatives, shareholders, advisors, ... or any individuals, groups or entities connected with your activities.


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