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Study-Plan 123  Workbook

When you plan better, you perform better!


Watch your grades go up and stay up in less than 3 weeks! (Published January 2007)



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News for California School Students!

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Study-Plan 123 Workbook makes a great gift idea!

Hello School Students: 


Before you spend money on tutoring and after-school classes, check out this unique workbook... It can put you on a path of success! To do better consistently particularly in MATH, ENGLISH and SCIENCE subjects, you need to have a study plan that works for you.


Did you know that there is no substitute for study planning!


How satisfied are you with your academic performance? 

How eager are you to get better grades? Get an edge?

Do you have a study plan that lets you do your best?

Do you get the feeling you are not able to manage your time efficiently?


Every student needs to have a study-plan! Taking casual attitude towards working on term papers, homework assignments, studying the day before a test, or simply relying on luck rarely brings success.  When, what, where & how you conduct studying can make a significant difference in your academic performance. It begins with developing and following an individualized study-plan that allows you to balance your academic as well as non-academic needs.


Why Wait?

Study-Plan 123 Workbook is the fastest way to improve your academic performance regardless of your GPA.  Anytime is a good time to get started.


New Title:

Watch your grades go up and stay up in less than 3 weeks!


978-0-9814613-6-6 (1.1)



Workbook contains guidelines, instructions, illustrations, sample worksheets, templates & more.

Student Age:

Workbook is recommended for students age 12 & above


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News for California School students, parents & educators:

Study-Plan 123 workbook is on approved list of CDE, Sacramento, CA

(To verify, please contact Nancy Plasencia, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division
Her contact details - Tel: (916) 319-0450 Email:

Inside the Workbook 


7 Essential Study Components

They individually & collectively influence student's ability to do better.


Study Environment

Study Technique

Study Goals

Being Organized

Time Management

Mind Management

External Factors


Study-Plan Triangle!


Striking a balance between academic and

non-academic needs helps students do better.


 Study Plan Triangle!







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